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We have given below the detailed pricing structure. We make the fastest payment in the indutry. Based on your perfomance, you will get paid within a day. Here our every new seller are catagorized into Silver Seller.

Commission fee
0% Commission fee

Shipping fee
Calculated on the basis of product weight and shipping location

Collection fee
0% Collection fee

Fixed fee
0% Fixed fee
Shipping fee is calculated on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.
Volumetric weight is calculated as below.
"Volumetric Weight (kg) = L*B*H (Length x Breadth x Height)/5000 where LBH are in cm".

Here is an example,
Selling Price (decided by you)2000
Shipping Fee (Local shipping , weight 500 grams)35
Total deductions35
Settlement Value(Amount credited to you)1965

Your Money

Product Fixed Price

Shipping Charges
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